About Us

Plum represents new beginnings in food and business. We’re making veganism accessible to everyone– not just through making delicious food, but also through incorporating our generation’s forward-thinking beliefs and style into everything we do. We have worked to develop a sustainable business model using what the earth provides to supply wholesome, nourishing food to our community.


Plum’s food tells the story of life-long vegans; it is made and served by a group of people who love being a part of a small and impactful business community. We want our love of a plant-based diet to be the embodiment of the change we will all meet in the coming years with regard with how we harvest food and treat our host planet.


Everyday we are changing the way that people view vegan food–opening them to the varied possibilities¬† meatless lifestyle can provide. Our dedicated customers have inspired us to continue innovation–we are always working to make our food even tastier, more indulgent, and vibrant. One of our greatest passions is to draw on the simple tradition of American food to stir both your palate and emotions. We are bold and sophisticated, yet through our promise to do no harm to our animal neighbors; we peacefully extend to you all the bounty and beauty of the earth.


Plum family